GCMNet Prophetic Training Schools

The long awaited Prophetic Training and Ministry Schools are finally here!
Let’s start with a bit of History. The Lord lead us to launch our prophetic mentorship program ( http://whatsnewintheprophetic.com/ ) in 2008 in order to raise an army of prophetic warriors around the globe to prepare the church for His soon coming. As you might be aware, the Bible says that the church is built on the foundation of Apostles and Prophets.

Prophets are needed to play their part in building that solid foundation in the church. Sadly very few prophets know how it is done! To train prophets of this caliber, w

e had to do it through prophetic mentorship. So over the past couple of years, due to limited resources, we have trained a select few, some of whom have now risen up to be part of our prophetic team.

But in the process of training, we have noticed an increase in the number of people interested in the prophetic. This number includes people with all kinds of needs regarding the prophetic. Our challenge was to find a way to cater for everyone. After seeking the Lord about it, He has provided us with a solution that will ensure that none is left out.
There are three groups that we have identified among the saints who have been in touch: those called to be prophets; the ‘sons of the prophets’ (people who operate simply in the prophetic gifts and want to grow in the prophetic); and the ordinary believer who needs solid prophetic foundations for their everyday walk with the Lord.

As a result of all this, the Lord has led us to split whatsnewintheprophetic.com into two schools:


                              The GCMNet Prophetic Training School

Prophetic Training School

                              The GCMNet School of Prophets


Each of these schools has special emphasis:

These two schools are under development. If you are interested in being a student, we suggest, you register at your prepared school. Registration is free and will guaranteed that you will be notified as soon as the prophetic courses go live.

When you visit http://propheticschooltraining.com/ , you will realize that some of the courses are about to launch, this is our most popular series: Hearing God’s Voice! You will be informed via email when the course launches. You will then be able to enroll for your favorite course. Even if you are called to the prophetic office, we encourage you to start with this course because this entire series will account for just one module in the school of prophets. You will earn credits that will be transferable when the School of Prophets launches.