Prophetic Training

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    What's new in the prophetic? This is a question that many who love the prophetic and who are longing for more in the prophetic are asking. This is no surprise because most people in the prophetic ministry are expressive in temperament. So they easily get fed up with monotony. They are always striving for more, for new hopes and dreams, new understanding and knowledge. So it is perfectly normal that you keep asking yourself what's new? In the prophetic you are allowed to dream and ask such questions.
  • Prophetic Training

    If you have already read about prophetic preparation, you know that prophetic training starts when prophetic preparation comes to an end. You will be called to prophetic training when the Lord considers you to have been dealt with enough to come to an acceptable level of trustworthiness. At this point, the Lord is prepared to trust you with His secrets; He is prepared to put in anointing in you and make you His spokesman. This is when He calls you to prophetic training.